All Saints’ is the oldest Episcopal church in Martin County, and yet at the same time, we attempt to be relevant to the world of today.  That doesn’t mean that eternal truths will change, but it does mean that we shall try our utmost to convey these eternal truths in a contemporary fashion – while skewing to a “high church” liturgical style.

This website is your entrée into the Episcopal Church and our parish.  In it you can learn about our history, our Rites, our Liturgy, and all the wonderful, devoted, and talented people who worship here.  If you have a question that is not answered on these pages, please do not hesitate to contact one of our office staff.

We hope that you will consider a visit to All Saints’ Episcopal Church.  The timeliness of the setting is striking.  The priest wears first century vestments and celebrates communion in a nineteenth century church.  During the Exchange of the Peace, you will be greeted in a most friendly 21st century approach. Our worship services span the ages and we invite you to join us!