Holy Week at All Saints’ in 2018 begins on Palm Sunday, March 25, and continues with daily services except Tuesday, when the Rector travels to Trinity Cathedral for the annual anointing of the oils. Holy Week concludes with our joyful celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.


Palm Sunday – March 25

8am & 10 am – Liturgy of the Palms and Holy Eucharist

At our 10 am service we shall host the Liturgy of the Palms outside Houg Hall, moving into the church for the rest of the service.  This is a wonderful liturgy with both congregations reading the Passion that takes us from the height of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the pit of despair.


Holy Monday, Holy Wednesday – March 26, March 28

We shall host services at 10 am on Monday and Wednesday during Holy Week.  (Clergy will be at the Blessing of the Oils at the Cathedral on Tuesday.)


Maundy Thursday – March 29

6 pm – Proper Liturgy and Watch

At this celebration we commemorate the first Eucharist and the events that follow, including the washing of feet.  Immediately following the service an Agape Meal will be served. Returning from Houg Hall to the church, the Watch at the Altar of Repose follows.  This act of prayer and presence calls us to watch with our Lord for one hour, as the disciples were requested to do in the garden.  However, we are called to stay awake.  There is a sign-up sheet on the Houg Hall Bulletin board to participate in the Watch.


Good Friday – March 30

The Proper Liturgy for Good Friday

10 am & 6 pm – Stations of the Cross

This service is stark, and points out the pain of the Passion and our solemn observance of it.  The service is characterized by the administration of the Sacrament from the Reserved Sacrament.  All the hosts are consumed and the tabernacle is left open and the candles extinguished, to remind us that this time is when our Lord is not with us.


Easter Day – April 1

6:30 am – Sunrise Service

We begin our joyful celebration of the Resurrection with the first Eucharist of Easter at the Conkling Cross, facing the water and the rising sun.

8 am – Easter Service

The 8 am Holy Eucharist will not be accompanied by the organ and will be followed by an Easter Morning Coffee Hour after the service.  The quiet of the morning and the scent of lilies are offered during this service of Holy Communion.

10 am – Easter Service

Our Senior Choir and Organist/Choir Director will lead us in worship with their excellent music, as the children bedeck the “Mite Box Cross” with flowers.  After the children “discover” the buried “Alleluias,” we shall all receive communion and then join the children for the festivities in the garden.  The glorious celebration of our lives together in the Risen Christ will begin a fifty-day season of explosive joy.