On Sunday, May 31st All Saints’ Episcopal Church blessed and dedicated the Donald DeFiore Memorial Window, located in the narthex.

Donald was born on May 30, 1936, in Brooklyn, New York, and was the son of Helen and Frank DeFiore. As a child, Donald grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and attended schools and colleges in that tradition. He was an honor student and was awarded the “French Award” at Fordham University. His love for language was manifested not only in speaking French, but also in speaking Italian and Spanish. Donald was an accountant and worked for a Danish firm for thirteen years, until they relocated out of state.

Donald met Buddy Glover on May 30, 1959, on Donald’s birthday. By the time Donald left his job, Donald and Buddy were established in Real Estate and Antiques, and Donald assumed the management of their affairs. Donald and Buddy were two young fellows who started with nothing and through hard work, dedication and love, managed to do extremely well in their 52 years together.

Donald and Buddy moved to Florida full time in 2003, where they were blessed to find “the white church on the hill.” They bought a house at Eagle Marsh and now Buddy lives in the 33rd home they purchased together.

In 2005, Donald was diagnosed with lung cancer. On Easter Sunday, 2010, Buddy received a call from Martin Memorial Hospital that Donald was calling for him. That day, on his death bed, Donald requested that Buddy become involved with All Saints’ and share their good fortune. Buddy is convinced that Donald’s life of good deeds and his love of God gives him the strength to implement Don’s good wishes. Donald died on Easter Monday.

It is appropriate that the window of Saint Michael is dedicated and placed in the narthex. Stained glass windows are meant to teach and what a wonderful instrument of teaching this is. Folk leaving the church to attend church school or adult forums will see an image of Michael, patron saint of churches and church schools (his Feast Day is September 29, the beginning of English school terms, known as Michaelmass). The image of Michael looks down upon the students, as they depart the church building.

Michael holds a globe representing the sanctification of the Spirit and God, which, like the circle, has neither a beginning nor an end. He holds a rod, representing a miracle, as he made the waters of a flood recede.

The image of Saint Michael the Archangel is particularly appropriate for the life and ministry of Donald DeFiore. Donald was devoted to the fine arts, especially opera. The scholarship that is in his name perpetuates his goal of introducing the fine arts to children who need a financial lift, and who look to Saint Michael as their patron.