Additional ministries and fellowship opportunities are available for those who wish to spend time together in the service of our Lord and this parish. 


The Women’s Fellowship

All Women are invited to become members of the Women’s Fellowship. This provides a way for Episcopal women to join with others for service to the Church in the parish, the diocese, and the world.

The Men’s Fellowship

Membership in the All Saints’ Men’s Fellowship is open to all male members age 18 and above. It is an organization dedicated to fellowship and service to the parish.

Daughters of the King

The All Saints’ Chapter of the Daughters of the King is an officially organized chapter of the General Order of the Daughters of the King. Membership is extended to any woman who is a regular member of the parish, following a period of study and preparation. The Daughters of the King is a true religious order in that there is a discipline of prayer, worship, and ministry.

Nurses and Allied Health

A group of nurses (active and retired) are organized to serve the parish and the greater community. Regular blood pressure screening, the distribution of health related materials, and teaching good health practices are the core programs of their ministry.


Originating with the Roman Catholic Church in Spain, the name means Little Course. The focus of the program is a weekend of learning, worship, and love in which the candidate has an intense experience of witnessing and piety. Following this weekend there are many other opportunities for fellowship and learning with others who have experienced the Cursillo program.


A newsletter is sent to the members of All Saints’ listing upcoming events of the parish and other current information concerning the life of the congregation.

Office Volunteers

Assisting the Parish Administrator in the many activities of the parish office are the Office Volunteers. This special ministry includes answering the telephone, serving as receptionist, preparing mailings, and being a cheerful listener.

Coffee Fellowship

Each Sunday morning, following every service, the members of the congregation are invited to a brief Coffee Fellowship in the Parish Hall. Participation in this activity enables members and guests to become better acquainted, and increase the bonds of friendship and support that exists within our parish.


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