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On Sunday, May 20, 2018 our Seventh Rector retired. We are currently in a period of appraisal and discernment before our search for a new rector begins. During this stage of our transition we are led by our Senior Warden.

Alan Gellert, Deacon



Elise Moloney, Office Manager

Bill Winsemann, Treasurer

Pam HurdAsst. Treasurer

Jim VitaleBookkeeper

Doug EllCounselor

Betsy Mixon-Stemmler, Organist and Choirmaster

Pat Castro, Sexton

C. Buddy Glover, Thrift Shop Director

Joyce Fletcher Menard, Historian

Nancy Stone, Trumpet Editor

Jorge Palacio, Bulletin Editor

Duncan Hurd, Webmaster



If you wish to contact the entire Vestry, you may send an email to this address.

Joyce Fletcher Menard, Senior Warden, ‘19

Harry Kapple, Junior Warden, ‘19

Bill Winsemann, Treasurer, ’18

Paul Neff, Clerk, ’18

Wendy Chalupa, ’18

Duncan Hurd, ’18

George Bonney, ’19

Louise Andrews, ’20

Sam Black, ’20

Bob Taylor, ’20

Hardin White, ’20

Alan Gellert, Deacon, Ex Oficio

Doug Ell, Chancellor, Ex Oficio

Pam Hurd, Assistant Treasurer, Ex Oficio


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